Equipment & Facilities


Amenz Industries is a manufacturing company with 50,000 square foot of production and expansion space, centrally located to three major interstates in St. Louis, Missouri. Amenz is strategically positioned for fast, convenient delivery throughout the United States.

Equipment Summary

45 Ton Straight Side Minster Press with air clutch
60 Ton OBI Bliss Mechanical Press
30 Ton OBI Bliss press with air Clutch
60 Ton OBI Clearing Presses with air Clutch
75 Ton OBI Clearing Press with air clutch
110 Ton OBI Clearing Presses with air clutch
130 Ton Straight side Cleveland Press with air clutch
150 Ton OBI Warco press with air clutch
250 Ton OBI Ferracute presses with air clutch

Mazak Dyna-Turn 3L CNC Turning Center
Mazak Micro Center V 3-Axis CNC Vertical Machining Center
Mazak Power Center CNC Horizontal Machining Center 6M Fanuk Control & 2 - pallet changer
Kearney & Treaker Milwaukee - Matic CNC Horizontal Machining Center
Kitamura MyCenter CNC Horizontal Machining Center 6M Fanuk Control & 2 - Pallet changers
NC Bridgeports
Manual Bridgeports
Avey Style Drills
Manual Clausing Lathe
W.F Wells Horizontal Band Saw with Coolant
Do All 26" Vertical Band Saw
Ramco - Vertical & Horizontal Band Saw with Coolant
Dewalt Hak-Table Saw
Atomic 30 KVA Spot Welders
Heavy Duty 4-1/2" Milwaukee Sander
Heavy Duty 6" Milwaukee Sander
Delta Sander
Pick-O-Matic Vibrator / Deburer
75 Ton Scotchman Hydraulic Iron Worker
Double End Pedestal Grinder
Band Machining


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